What Makes The Ideal Breakout Area?


Creating a comfortable office space is a high priority on the business list, but have you thought about the breakout areas?

When the office isn’t in use, your employees need a calming, comfortable area to relax and recharge. An area that’s suitable for break, lunches, informal meetings and collaborative working is a great start.

As with most office design it starts with the furniture you choose, which then shapes the room and the overall feel. Creating the right setting is incredibly important, as when your staff are working hard, you need to reward them with a modern and enjoyable atmosphere which enables them to relax and rest their mind.

If you’re not sure how to do this – we have some fantastic suggestions.

Seating and Chairs

Adding seating sounds like a standard requirement, doesn’t it?

But the seating needs to be comfortable, bright and hitting all the right notes when it comes to new office trends. From chairs with wheels, to high level chairs and cushions sofas, mix the trends to create a unique seating area of your own.

Telephone Pods

Most offices have a no phone rule, so when the clock strikes 12 and it’s time to have lunch, out comes the phone. Some calls are personal which we choose to stay private, this is where the telephone pods come in.

Not only are they stylish and contemporary but add a private booth for you to use at your leisure.

Office Storage

Storage facilities within an office are a must, especially when you have a large number of employees. Providing storage spaces ensures the office doesn’t have coats and bags laying around, creating a tidy room with no health and safety risks.

This ensures the employee doesn’t have to carry belongings around all day, and creates a tidy and professional work environment for when guests arrive.